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The Junior Academy at Detroit Service Learning Academy serves over 300 students from Grades 6-8 with intense instruction, character education, and critical thinking exercised all in a safe and secure environment. The Junior Academy has established a relationship as one of the best middle schools in the city of Detroit and our state.

Junior Academy staff members are highly qualified and highly motivated to develop positive relationships with students and to provide a rigorous and standards-based curriculum for all.

The vision and purpose of Junior Academy is to prepare middle school students for life-long learning as well as develop and practice study habits that yield to academic success and preparation for high school and beyond. This vision creates a connection to the overall well being of the school.


Vision - "Excellence is in Our DNA" as partners in students' academic success we encourage all stakeholders to support students in reaching academic goals and targets, monitoring and assessing students' performance with the use of classroom instruction, NWEA Testing and MEAP Scores. DSLA believes that high expectations create the mind set for both student and parent that all children can achieve.


Culture - "You can Count on Me, I Can Count on You" as partners in students behavioral success we encourage all stakeholders to support students in being positive and treating each other as highly respected partners. "Every Minute Counts" students are expected to report to class on time and remain for the reminder of the school day. Each lesson prepared and taught is a valuable step to student's academic success.


Comprehensive Curriculum- Junior Academy instructors are responsible for teaching and supporting all students receives education that properly prepares them for high school and beyond, with emphasis towards college the Junior Academy continues to research and implement the best instructional practices. Lessons are planned using real time data from student assessments, with driving objectives being used from Common Core Standards. Three computer labs are easily access to support instruction as well as 90% of classrooms have smart boards. It is expected that all teaching staff support all students through the use of differentiated instruction and assist with the application of learned concepts to real world situations.


Service Learning - Students will work with partners in the community to gain a deeper understanding of real world situations and apply academic skills to create projects that explain, solve or bring awareness to situations or issues that affects communities locally or globally.

Junior Academy also provides extracurricular activities such as boys' and girls' basketball, girls' volleyball, cheerleading, dance, Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, and Academic Games to broaden student horizons and develop a competitive spirit full of school pride.

These are just a few things that make Junior Academy unique and a great place to learn and grow. We will continue to offer students a competitive advantage and rigorous preparation for the 21st century.


Read the JA mission statement and uniform policy.


The Detroit Service Learning Academy takes pride in servicing all students and is especially proud of the progress that has been made within its Special Education Department with students. The model that is practiced at the Detroit Service Learning Academy is that of “full inclusion,” which encourages General Education and Special Education teachers to work together for the common good of all students. The Special Education teachers collaborate with the General Education teachers within the general education classroom setting to reach all students. In addition, the Special Education teachers conduct small group sessions to reinforce concepts taught during general education classes.

Our Special Education Department consists of a Special Education Director, School Social Worker, Speech and Language Therapist, Psychologist, seven Special Education teachers and five Special Education Paraprofessionals. 

The Detroit Service Learning Academy determines the existence of a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) by using a four part process, identifying a Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) called the Aptitude Achievement Consistency Model which is based on the Cattell Horn-Carroll Theory (CHC). A more detailed approach to this model can be accessed through the Wayne County RESA website.