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Mr. Shelby Johnson
Senior Instructional Coach-Primary Academy


As a life-long learner, Mr. Shelby D. Johnson has attended several universities and completed numerous academic programs and professional development workshops.  He has chaired various committees, led multiple administrative teams, and facilitated several school improvement initiatives. He is viewed as a problem solver with an analytical mind and a critical thinker.  He excels best by identifying areas of improvement and removing barriers and inadequacies to progress and advancement.   As an educational leader he consistently wins the support of staff and colleagues. 


He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  He earned his Master of Science and his Educational Specialist Degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.  For twenty (20) years of teaching elementary, middle, and high school children and ten (10) years of educational leadership and administrative duties he is most influenced by attending academic accredited program and workshops from University of California to the Harvard University.  He has studied Computer Science and Algorithmic Mathematics at the UC Santa Barbara and Systemic Solutions while at Harvard University.  Some of his most relevance knowledge was from the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB). The SREB provided him experience in:

  • Organizing Time, Space, Staff, and Resources to Improve Student Achievement,
  • Coaching for School Improvement, High Performance, and Learning Culture,
  • Leading change to make rigor, relevance, and relationships a reality in Schools,

His experiences from Harvard University Graduate School of Education has given him the confidence and motivation required to modify or change the academic culture and climate of system to increase student academic accomplishments.  He realizes that new challenges need new systemic solutions.  Thorough understanding of the five strands that define school performance; Instruction for learning, Leadership, Professional Development, Community Relationship, and Data Management,


He maintains Central Office Administrative and Elementary & Secondary Administrative K-12 Administration Certification.  He also supports a continuing teaching certificate in 7-12 Mathematics and Social Science, 7-8 all subjects and K-12 Physical Education.  Outside of his academic world, he is currently the Youth Chair of the United States of American Track and Field (USATF) Michigan Association and the Vice President of the Michigan Association of USATF.  He has coached several All-American track and field athletes, coached state champions, and championship teams in track and football.  He and his five children and his supportive wife love to travel and gather for family cookout and events.